I adore black and white photography.

Even back in art school, I loved developing my film photos for the tangible quality they had, which is lost in today's digital images.

In 2024, we play with mediocre filters, but with film, you can influence the final outcome of a photo by adjusting so many parameters... both at the moment of shooting and during development, by playing with exposure times and soaking times in the developer.

It's a bit like choosing fabrics for our patchwork after all: shades of gray, solid or patterned, what types of patterns, etc.

So I wanted to offer you the pattern for a nude art piece, inspired by a photographic style called "Low Key", known for its strong contrast between blacks and whites, its disappearance of material in the dark to reveal the essence in light.

The contrast is accentuated by the soft and virginal posture of the model. It creates a contrast that I really appreciate. Plus, I'm a huge fan of representing the body and its complexity.

This pattern contains a large number of pieces and is better suited for experienced quilters, as you'll need to manage thicknesses in the narrowest areas. I provide references for shades, but if you prefer to choose your own, keep in mind that you'll need 1 deep black, 1 bright white, and 5 shades of gray.

A comprehensive tutorial included with the pattern guides you through every step, ensuring a seamless quilting experience.

This paper piecing pattern includes closeups, cutting and mounting steps, a tutorial, and two versions of the pattern: one with color references, one blank to let you see the sewing lines better.

For any questions, I'm just an email away, ensuring prompt responses within 24 hours. Happy quilting!

Technical information

Size: 23.6x34 in

Color fabrics: 7

Number of shapes: 810

Number of sections: 75

Measurement unit: inches

Short tutorial about Foundation Paper Piecing  


1.1 Dans quelle unité de mesure les tailles de tissu sont-elles exprimées ?
If the measurement selection box is not available for this product, it means that the product is only available in centimeters. However, if you prefer to work in inches and yards, a quick converter is available here.
1.2 Que se passe-t-il exactement après la commande ?
Après avoir passé votre commande, vous recevrez un email de confirmation. Peu de temps après, gardez un œil sur votre boîte de réception pour recevoir un e-mail de suivi contenant un lien simple pour accéder à votre PDF téléchargeable. Votre patron de quilt est à portée de clic ! Si vous rencontrez des problèmes ou avez des questions, n'hésitez pas à contacter le support.
1.3 Y a-t-il un tutoriel à l'intérieur du patron ?
Ce modèle comprend un didacticiel bref et fondamental. Suivez la technique étape par étape et, comme pour assembler un puzzle, reproduisez-le pour chaque pièce correspondante. Si vous rencontrez des problèmes, je suis disponible par e-mail et vous répondrai dans les 24 heures.
1.4 Combien de temps ai-je pour retourner une commande ?
Expérience de magasinage sans tracas. Votre satisfaction est ma priorité. En cas d'insatisfaction, merci de m'envoyer un email sous 14 jours ouvrés pour demander le remboursement de votre commande.

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