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I'm offering this free quilt pattern for you to practice before ordering a custom quilt pattern. Indeed, this eye's pattern represents the most complex part of a quilted portrait.

It'll help you get familiar with my pattern terminology, access the integrated tutorial, and see that once you can make this eye, you can tackle any of the 3 plans in the "Custom Quilt Pattern" section - whether it's the Start Plan, the Challenge, or the Skilled. It's just a matter of patience. The more pieces you have, the longer it takes - like a puzzle.

But it's not necessarily harder.

For any questions, I'm just an email away, ensuring prompt responses within 24 hours. Happy quilting!

Technical information

Size: 10x10 in

Color fabrics: 8

Number of shapes: 86

Number of sections: 2

Measurement unit: inches

Short tutorial about Foundation Paper Piecing  


Fabric tip:

I understand how stressful it can be to search for and find skin tone fabrics that accurately portray relief in portraits.

That's why I created this pattern using a bundle, which I offer access to via the link below. There are 4 skin tones included and I've highlighted the corresponding colors in the pattern. Feel free to give it a try.

However, please note that I haven't personally tested this bundle and cannot guarantee the exact color match. Always remember that there may be a difference between what you see on screen and the actual fabric shades once in your hands.

Here is an affiliate link to buy this fabrics bundle.



1.1 In which unit of measurement are expressed fabric sizes?
If the measurement selection box is not available for this product, it means that the product is only available in inch. However, if you prefer to work in other units of measurement, a quick converter is available here.
1.2 What exactly happens after suscribing?
Shortly afterward, keep an eye on your inbox for a follow-up email containing a simple link to access your downloadable PDF. Your quilt patterns are just a click away! If you encounter any issues or have questions, feel free to reach out the support.
1.3 Is there a tutorial inside the pattern?
This pattern includes a brief and fundamental tutorial. Follow the step-by-step technique, and, like assembling a puzzle, replicate it for each corresponding part. If you encounter any issues, I am available via email and will respond within 24 hours.

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