Attention to all crafters with a heart full of love and a desire to create something truly meaningful. Your custom portrait quilt pattern is here to turn your cherished memories into timeless treasures.

What you'll get:

  • A PDF document with easy and clear instructions on mounting order, colors naming, sections naming, fabric quantities, tutorial about foundation paper piecing, detailed diagrams and cutting instructions to close-up shots of key sections.

  • The complete Paper Piecing pattern (with color indicators).

  • The BLANK Paper Piecing pattern to help you read sewing lines properly.

  • A full time support for any question concerning your customized pattern. 

💡You can choose the size you prefer. We'll discuss it right after your purchase, via email.

It could become one of the best creative challenges you've ever tried in quilting.

Plus, with my quick production and delivery, you'll be quilting away in less than a week!

And remember, if you have any questions before making your purchase, you can reach me instantly by clicking on the chat icon displayed on the page or by emailing me at I'll be happy to answer any of your questions.

1.1 In which unit of measurement are expressed fabric sizes?
Your Quilt, your rules. Just after your order placement, you'll receive an email from me asking you details about your needs. Just tell me your preferences.
1.2 What exactly happens after ordering?
After placing your order, you will receive a confirmation email with questions about your project, and the possibility to send me picture(s) you need to transform to a quilt pattern. If you didn't suscribe to the 3 business days delivery, I'll give you an estimate about your delivery day. If you encounter any issues or have questions, feel free to reach out the support anytime.
1.3 Is there a tutorial inside the pattern?
This pattern includes a brief and fundamental tutorial about foundation paper piecing. Follow the step-by-step technique, and, like assembling a puzzle, replicate it for each corresponding part. If you encounter any issues, I am available via email and will respond within 24 hours.
1.4. How soon will I be delivered?
It depends of your needs, but it's less than a week. If you need expedited shipping, I offer a 3-day delivery option for an additional fee. Just let me know during our first email exchange.
1.5 Can the patterns be sized to what I need?
You can choose any size and ratio you need. A small or a big one, square or rectangle. Your quilt, your rules! Just tell me at the beggining of the project. The size of the photo doesn't matter for the final quilt pattern.
1.6. I'd like to showcase 2 people in the same quilt. Does it double the price?
Because the workload is doubled, so is the price :) If you need to showcase 2 persons on the same quilt, you should charge 2 in quantities when ordering.
1.7. How long do you think it would take an intermittent quilter to complete the quilt?
It depends on the plan you choose and your sewing speed. The Starter Plan is recommended for confident beginners or those who quilt a few hours per week. It includes fewer than 500 shapes and can be completed in approximately 20/30 hours of sewing.

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