It's not a mess...
It's ideas lying everywhere

It all beggins in Paris

Hi there, I'm Vanessa 👋🏼

I was born and raised in this city.
I started my carrer in graphic design, just after few years learning in Art School. I'm practicing this skill since 2006. And I love create stuffs since I'm a child.

You may not realize it, but Paris can be a tough place to live. Even if it's an amazing city, It's also a constant battle to live here, and I'm not one for fighting, at least not for this.

So, after living there for 34 years and working there for over 10 years...

I quitted everything. My job, my life, my friends, and almost my dreams.


To start again

I was certainly practicing a long-time passion, but in the wrong place and in the wrong way. So I reconverted.
A first time in patental coaching.
A seconde time in therapeutic hypnosis.

Then I tried to merge both to gave birth to something 👉🏼

I love merge things like experiences that have no connection at first glance. But I still lacked something...
☝🏼 StopCrise was a french webapp I launched to help parents to ease emotional crisis of their children by the game and hypnosis technics. 

Until I found this sewing machine

☝🏼 This bomber jacket has a particular story. I carry the most important memories of my life on my back. Some happy, some very sad, but all these pieces have had a very special meaning and impact on what I achieve today.
I rediscovered sewing by accident, when I came across an old dusty sewing machine during a trip and I thought: Oh cool! A new thing disconnected fom my previous learnings 🥸

I was by the seaside when it happened.

It changed everything.

I learned on my own, following YouTube tutorials. Like many others I started with pouches, and the patchwork quilckly became obvious.

Starting with basic shapes like squares and triangles, I gradually recalled my background in graphic design. Designing patterns felt instinctive. 

Now, I delight in blending all my skills into a unique, personal approach.

Patchwork is like life, isn't it?

I learned fundation paper piecing so quick... I mean love at first sight. But I didn't found figurative quilt pattern. I'm not fan of tranditionnal quilts. Some of them are really stunning, but I prefer illustrative ones.

So, I decided to draw them.

Now I want to provide this kind of templates for other quilters looking for symbolic illustrations as well.
☝🏼 My very first self drawn patchworks!

Dive into my world


Try what I draw

Suscribe, download, print and quilt 3 free quilt patterns now 👇