The Ultimate Guide to Custom Quilts

The Ultimate Guide to Custom Quilts

uilting is a canvas where creativity and individuality intertwine to create unique and shareable works of art. At the heart of this process lies the creation of custom quilt patterns, which offer enthusiasts a chance to bring their most creative ideas to life. In this article, I'll explain everything you need to know about creating custom quilt patterns, from the basics to frequently asked questions.

What is a Custom Quilt Pattern?

A custom quilt pattern is a unique and tailor-made design created specifically to meet your needs and preferences.

Contrary to traditional patterns, which are often generic and preconceived, custom patterns offer complete customization, allowing quilters to create one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect their style, vision, passions, and aspirations.

Your imagination is your only limit.

That said, and contrary to what you might think, the custom quilt patterns I offer are no more complicated to make than traditional quilt patterns.

They follow the paper piecing technique. If you can sew in a straight line, then you can make any of them. It's just a matter of patience.

It's all about having the idea and the desire.

Why choose a Custom Quilt Pattern?

The main reason for choosing a custom quilt pattern is the ability to create something truly unique. With a custom pattern, you have total control over the design, colors, and dimensions of your quilt, allowing you to create a piece that perfectly matches your tastes and personal aesthetic.

To elevate your sewing skills to the next level.

Quilting is a passion for many of you and goes far beyond just a hobby.

Passion requires evolution. Because there's nothing more frustrating than knowing how to do something and stagnating with the same old patterns.

That's where custom quilting can unlock your potential.

To represent what truly reflects you.

We are all different. And the things that truly excite you won't necessarily come in the form of a pattern at any craft store. You have to imagine it, draw it, and then create it.

Imagine being able to represent your family portrait that you're so proud of and being able to crystallize in fabric all the experiences, trials, joys, and conclusions you've experienced.

Imagine being able to represent the portrait of your best friend and their partner to give them a memorable gift for their 30th wedding anniversary.

Imagine being able to quilt the portrait of your niece as a ballerina who will soon dance for the very first time in The Nutcracker ballet to celebrate her achivement.

Custom quilting allows you to represent what matters to you. What counts. And that's important.

To offer a meaningfull present

To give a meaningful gift. Your friends' wedding anniversary, your niece's graduation, your grandchild's birth... If you're looking for a truly unique gift, the personalized quilt is guaranteed to be a hit.



What can you represent on the Quilt?

Pretty much anything you want.

I don't just create portraits. I can also create animals, objects, monuments, landscapes, or any other subject that can be represented. All it takes is a simple image.

Here's a non-exhaustive list to help you envision 👇

  • Your family
  • A pet 
  • A wild animal 
  • A monument 
  • Decors, landscapes, vacation memories, visited countries
  • An artist's painting: Mona Lisa, Guernica...
  • A movie character, comic book character, cartoon character
  • A famous poster
  • A photo of a bouquet of flowers that you want to immortalize
  • A quote that touches you
  • A quote that makes you laugh

    Because a custom quilt is a brand new creation, there is no problem about depicting something famous.

    It can also be an idea. I can offer you a service to create everything from A to Z based on a simple idea or concept and provide you with graphic proposals related to it. Because before being a quilt pattern designer, I am first a graphic designer.


    How does the creation process work?

    The creation process of a custom quilt pattern includes several steps.

    First, I get in touch with you via an initial email, where I ask you to send me what you want to represent. You can indicate the final size of the desired quilt, your color preferences, and indicate your quilting level so that I can adjust the difficulty of the pattern (which generally depends on the number of pieces).



    Next, I create the basic design (the first draft) that I send to you for correction/validation. At this stage, you can tell me if you want to add or remove details, if you want to change the color of certain elements (like hair, skin). I conduct some test prints on my side to ensure that the pieces are not too small to sew, depending on the size you've chosen.



    👍Once this stage is validated, I clean up the pattern to reduce the number of colors and pieces to the strict drawing approved previously. Then I export your pattern with all its cutting and assembly instructions in the following email.

    All you have to do is print it, calibrating your printer settings to 100%.


    What materials are Custom Quilt Patterns created from?

    For you, it's very easy: I work from a simple image or photo, regardless of its size or color.

    Even if it's blurry 👍.

    It could be an old photo yellowed with time. A small blurry photo or one with grain.

    It doesn't matter.

    Because I rework this image using professional retouching softwares like Photoshop to improve the rendering of this photo and make it a clean working support.

    I also work from illustrations or drawings. If you have the image, I have the quilt pattern you need.

    What fabrics should you choose to make a Custom Quilt?

    The choice of fabrics is important. Especially if you want to represent a person's portrait, as skin tone nuances are difficult to find.

    To choose them, here are some tips:

    • Material Choice: My quilt patterns follow traditional quilting techniques, as well as the fabrics used. So choose 100% cotton fabrics of medium density, as usual.

    • Predict the Number of Skin Tones: Know that depending on the plan you choose, a specific number of tones is calculated 👇

      • START plan: 3 skin tones
      • CHALLENGE plan: 4 skin tones
      • SKILLED plan: 5 skin tones
      This is typically what will create the relief in terms of shadows and lights on a face. So keep it in mind when purchasing a custom quilt pattern.
      • Manage the Tones: So according to the plan, plan to have 3, 4, or 5 skin tones quite close to each other, with the same tonality.

      Tonality concept is like makeup foundation. Avoid blending warm and pink tones together so you won't make a mistake. At least, you can merge neutral + warm tones. Or neutral + pink tones.

      Here is a warm + neutral example:

        If you don't want to search, or if you're afraid of choosing the wrong tones, I can do this research for you and provide you with the specific fabric references to buy directly in the information document I send you when delivering your custom quilt pattern. 

        By the way, I will work with Moda Fabrics and Robert Kaufman solids references very soon to exactly match with final documents I send you. So you'll be able to buy directly the perfect right shades and quantities from here.

        Stay tuned suscribing the newsletter. 

        How long does it take to create the pattern?

        It's quite fast.

        Count about 2 weeks from the initial order.

        It depends on the number of back-and-forths needed during the creation process and the corrections requested.

        It also depends on the number of subjects you want to represent on the quilt. For example, if you want to represent 2 people, the time will be doubled.

        Most of the time, for 1 portrait, I deliver in a week 👌.

        Depending on the nature of your project, we discuss this at the very beginning, during my first contact email.

        How long will it take you to sew a Custom Quilt Pattern?

        It depends on 2 criteria:

        • Your Quilting Level
        • The Level of Details Chosen Based on the Plan

        I offer 3 plans: START | CHALLENGE | SKILLED.

        The higher the plan level, the more detail there is. This naturally implies a longer creation time for you.

        • For the START plan, expect between 200 and 500 pieces.
        • For the CHALLENGE plan, expect between 500 and 700 pieces.
        • Finally, for the SKILLED plan, expect between 700 and 1000 pieces.

        Given this information, depending on your level, the time you can spend on it during the week, and your execution speed, you should be able to estimate your completion time.

        When I was an ealy beginner in pattern design and in quilting, I made this one in 25 hours (around 300 shapes). 👇


        For real, don't be intimidated by the number of pieces.

        It doesn't make it harder.

        Once you've grasped the technique, you can tackle any of these designs. It's not difficult, just time-consuming. You need to have the time and the desire to do it. If you don't feel patient enough to undertake such a project, then don't.

        But if you're hesitating only because you fear the difficulty, then go for it because it's so much simpler than you think.

        If I managed to make this quilt in 25 hours (with only a few months of experience), you can definitely do it, especially since most of you are much more experienced than I am.


        What to expect from the final Pattern?

        At the time of delivery, I send you 3 files:

        • The reference document with all the cutting, assembly, and installation instructions + a tutorial for each of these steps.
        • The foundation paper piecing with color indications.
        • The foundation paper piecing without color indications (blank) to allow you to read the smallest pieces of the pattern more easily and see the small sewing lines more clearly.


          Each pattern is delivered with close-ups at each stage to allow you to read the nomenclature well 👌.

          Among the integrated tutorials, you will find:

          • A tutorial on the cutting and assembly method of the different parts of the pattern.
          • A tutorial on the basic technique of foundation paper piecing.
          • A tutorial on the assembly technique of large pieces together.
          • Tips for perfect assembly.

          What is the average cost of a custom pattern?

          The cost of a custom quilt pattern depends on the plan you choose.

          👉All prices are available on this page.

          This price depends on several criteria such as complexity and level of detail. The final size of the quilt does not affect the price. It remains the same, depending on the plan chosen, whether the quilt is 20x20" or 100x100".

          Also, know that if you want an additional smaller or larger version, I can provide you with a copy at no extra cost. It's included in the price 👌.

          Is it hard to craft?

          It's no more complicated than traditional quilting. It just takes a bit of time and patience. If you can sew in a straight line, you can make any of the proposed plans. (Even the SKILLED plan). It works like a puzzle, except that in my patterns, finding the pieces is not an adventure.

          Everything is explained so that the only time spent on your project is for the pleasure of sewing 👌.

          Bu the way, if you want to practice before ordering, there is a free Eye pattern + tutorial available here.



          Download them and try it. You'll be surprised about how easy it could be.

          I wish to create a portrait of a loved one, but I do not want their image to be displayed on the internet.

          All the examples featured on the Modern Quilt Patterns website have first been approved by their owners. I never display portraits that my clients do not wish to share. Everything stays between us and only between us. If you do not want me to showcase before-and-after images of your patterns on the site, just let me know.

          Can I make modifications to the pattern once it's created?

          Yes, in most cases, it's possible to make modifications to the pattern after it's created. However, this may incur additional charges, depending on the nature of the requested modifications.

          How can I order a custom pattern?

          You have two options:

          1. 👉Contact me via this form and ask me any questions you have before ordering.
          2. 👉Or place your order directly from this page.

          If you have any doubts about your project, such as the size, the number of subjects to represent, or the final project you want to make, please contact me first to address all your concerns.

          I'll be happy to assist you 🙂.

          Whether you're ready or not to start your own custom quilt project, contact me via this form because often, the discussion leads to the idea.

          I don't just sell patterns. I'm first and foremost passionate about my profession, quilting, and creation in the broadest sense. What I enjoy most is co-creating with you. It's an exchange. And if I can help you realize a project that truly matters to you, then I've already achieved at least half of my goal.

          Be warned, you might like it.


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